Palasí's résumé
with samples of work

Very fluent.

  • British English. Cambridge's Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) (highest Cambridge level, similar to that of a fairly educated native speaker).
  • American English. TOEFL iBT grade: 105/120 on 2/21/2009. For a reference, click here.
  • One year of experience working in English in the United States.
  • Fifth (last) English course in Spanish Official School of Languages with an A+ grade.


Fluent. Certificates:

  • French Ministry of Education's Diplôme d'études en langue française B2 (DELF B2) (level B2: high intermediate).For a reference, see "B2" here.
  • Third French course in Spanish Official School of Languages.


Native. Proficient both with Latin American Spanish and Peninsular Spanish:

  • Born in Spain from a Spanish-speaking mother.
  • Nine years of professional experience in Latin America.


Native. Certificates:

  • Highest Valencian grade in Spanish Official Languages School and highest grade in "Junta Qualificadora de Coneixements de Valencià".
  • President of jury in "Junta Qualificadora de Coneixements de Valencià" exams.