Bringing the government
into the digital age
E-government projects with the best results
If you need an e-government expert, I am the right person for the job. I have solid experience in designing and implementing e-government projects that span across an entire government, involving tens of government agencies at once.

I have worked across all the e-gov cycle: policy, regulation, design, planning and implementation. I have also created new e-government methodologies, standards, documents, tools and portals.
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  • E-gov for a whole government
  • E-gov for a single agency

  • E-gov policy and regulation
  • Planning and implementation
  • Defining e-gov standards

  • Creating e-gov methodologies
  • Designing e-gov tools
  • Implementing e-gov portals
  • Interoperability
Please feel free to contact me. I will be glad to answer your doubts and find ways to help your organization.
In my e-government résumé page, you will find a more detailed explanation about my experience with e-government projects, areas and methodologies.